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500 yards and turn left
If you travelling from Alberville take the D 925 in the direction of Beaufort (Vallée du Beaufortin )
9.3 miles down this road turn left to the village Villard sur Doron.

Turn left at the junction

(coming from Beaufort )
same place but turn right

Bisanne road turn right
after the washhouse


Once inside Villard sur Doron. A 100 yards after passing the church turn right onto the road towards Bisanne 1500.
500 yards and turn left.

Cairn Chalet is the first chalet you can see on your left hand side

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a map shows the guesthouse's exact location

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That's the place !


Guesthouse - Denise et Michel BOCKELANDT
Le Bochon - 69, route de la Place - 73270 VILLARD SUR DORON - France - 00 33 (0)4 79 38 03 57