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Cairn Chalet Guest House is 730 metres above sea level .It enjoys spectacular views and a calm and stylish setting .It is the perfect place to get close to nature, or to just relax. Your guest house is located on the outskirts of a little town from Savoie ,full of character called Villard sur Doron.

From the chalet you can enjoy the breathtaking mountain views: the Mirantin and Outray mountains and the Doron valley and its river full of opportunities for fishing-lovers .

You are right in the middle of the Beaufortain and its natural wealth .
Winter is a great time to visit the Beaufortain for a lot of reasons. Enjoy uncrowded slopes and friendly faces.: 'Areches-Beaufort' skiing resort is only 10 km away but you can also choose other skiing resorts 'les Saisies' (10 km) or Les Contamines -Montjoie (18 km) .
You'll find a whole range of activities: skiing , hiking , gliding, rope-climbing , flying , mountain-biking, surfing …

A short walk leads to Beaufort and its famous dairy.

Have a relly great time within a few kilometres . (see 'Activities')

To learn more about the area and what you can do while staying with us follow these links:

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Guesthouse - Denise et Michel BOCKELANDT
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